BA is building a community of regenerated people who are engaging with the reality of immortality. 

We believe that human beings were never designed to experience death. That is why death is such a weird phenomena to us all, no one actually finds it normal yet many have enshrined it!

The very thing that keeps us tethered to this dying reality is the same technology that can liberate us from it. 

The problem is, for generations we have been programmed to keep coming into agreement with the reality of death; creating a smart contract in our DNA between humanity and death itself.

We propose that we come into agreement with ever-lasting life!

Quantum physics has revealed to us that every reality exists in wave form until we observe it, then it collapses into particle form to manifest what we are observing. 

As a creative species, our gaze is full of creative power. When we are fixated on something, we form an energetical system that creates the very thing we are fixated on. 

What would then happen if we disentangled our gaze from the reality of death and became fixated on the reality of immortality? 

Science used to think fasting was impractical and fasting was only regarded as a spiritual practice, now science has received a revelatory understanding of the benefits of fasting and now fasting has become a mainstream practice.

Today science is receiving understanding of a mystery that has been revealed to mystics since the dawn of Hamashiach.

The scientists are saying we are coming into a time where human beings will have a choice to either die or to stay alive. They have termed this “Longevity escape velocity.” The key and the technology being revealed is hidden in the word - choice!

How do we actualise this reality of immortality you may ask…

The answer is simple, “only believe”!

The reality you find yourself living in today is a reflection of your belief system. Those who are wealthy, created their wealth through believing that they would be wealthy. Those who die, die because they believe that death is their portion. This causes the regenerative systems in their bodies to stop their regenerative processes and start degeneration, resulting in decay.

Why Fashion?

Identity  + Culture = Paradigm Shift

The problem BA is solving is a problem of identity. The only thing standing between human beings and immortality is the choice to identify with this regenerative nature or not. 

BA’s solution is to create a phygital fashion brand with a ground-breaking PFP NFT Collection. This collection will empower people to join a community of like-minded regenerates who are in pursuit of and are fixated on the reality of immortality, and/or those who are hungry to explore this mystery we call life.

The clothes we create serve as a building block and an immersion point into this new identity. 

The garments reinforce the choice a regenerate has made to clothe their mortal bodies with immortality. 

Our collective conscious agreement as a community will release an accelerating power for the actualization of this readily available reality, that only needs us to observe and believe for it to be made manifest.


Occupier Sneaker Image


Occupier Sneaker Image
Occupier Sneaker Image